I’m always open to questions or inquiries, but these answers I have provided for past clients might help answer some of your concerns up front. 

Q1: What input do you (videographer) want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on?

Typically I want your input before the wedding day on what are the “big things” that you want captured and that are going to mean a lot to you. If there were any special things happening out of the ordinary, knowing about those would be great. Knowing before the wedding day what the day will look like and what you want captured as a must gives me a great idea of how to edit in post. In post I edit from what I have captured and then give you a few options, but by then I can’t go back and in time and re-capture items so before the wedding I need the most input. After you can request to have certain things edited in or not based on what I have. For the song, I give you some options, but I usually decide what I would like to use based on what flows best. All the songs are copyright protected so I have to purchase a license to use the song and the selection usually isn’t as broad.

Q3: What does your camera and equipment look like?

I have a Canon 5d Mark III. It’s a great camera that provides great light and amazing imagery. It’s a DSLR and looks like a normal professional camera. It’s small and allows me to capture details without being obtrusive to guests.

Q5: How will you co-ordinate the filming of you wedding with the photographer or other vendors?

I contact all the vendors before. I’ve worked with lots of photographers and I let them know that I’ll be taking you for some video only shots and I’ve never had an issue with it. We work together. We are both looking for great content to give you an awesome end product.

Q7: Do you use additional lights during the reception? Can you confirm the lighting will be un-intrusive? Can the lights be dimmed?

I will use an additional light for the speech that will be as unobtrusive, It can be dimmed and if needed turned off. Most of the time It will be hardly noticeable for the speeches since the focus is on the Maid of Honor or best man. I’m really looking to not become a spotlight at your wedding so if it is a problem, and I can detect that I’m doing anything that might become a distraction I avoid that at all costs.

Q9: Can vows be the background of the short film?

Yes, and Yes. If you are writing your own vows, I strongly recommend getting them edited separately as well.

Q11: What is your cancellation/refund policy

It’s on the contract. Essentially if you cancel your wedding there is little to no refund. If it’s something outside your control contact me and I’ll see what I can do. 

Q13: Who owns the copyright of the final wedding video?

I own the creative content.

Q15: Can you make changes to the film once you’ve seen it for the first time?

Yes, 1 initial re-edit and then at an hourly rate.

Q17: Can I select the music for the wedding video?

I can give you options. You can select a song that I’m able to purchase a license for. If the song is a greater cost than the $99 I will charge the difference.

Q19: What would be your suggestions on how I should capture the wedding day.

I would suggest ordering an extra hour for bridal prep (me to come and shoot around- Then please plan time for me to be able to get the groomsmen getting ready as well.) 1 Extra videographer for the ceremony + Speeches/Dances. I would get the vows edited. Especially if you’re writing your own. It’s really a timeless thing that you will want to watch later. Plus, couples that write their own vows generally have a really cool wedding video. It adds so much when you speak from the heart.

I would recommend that you also capture reading letters to each other. You can either type them or write them wedding day. Or write them out before wedding day and just hand off to someone to deliver to each other. I just need to capture you reading them, and then you reading the one you wrote on audio. This generates some great awesome content to use in your highlight film. The words are beautiful and they are what tell the story.

Q2: How long have you been filming weddings? How many do you do per year?

I’ve been doing weddings for almost 3 years. I usually shoot 3-5 per year as a primary shooter/organizer and second shoot about 8-15. So about 15-20 most years.

Q4: Do you have mics for the ceremony?

I use a wireless lapel mic for the groom to capture the vows. If you are writing your own vows I suggest purchasing the “add-on” of edited vows. This will allow me to get another mic for the bride as well. The Mic for the bride is generally hidden on a garter like strap and a white lapel mic feeds up to clip on the dress so it is unnoticeable.  This is really recommended because from my experience it’s the best way to get high quality audio from the vows.

Q6: What parts of the wedding day do you capture?

I capture 8 hours of your choosing. Additional hours can be added in, in order to be there for some time when you are getting ready. I do recommend that if 8 hours doesn’t cover the prep time that book an extra hour in order to allow me to capture you and the groom getting ready. It adds a lot of great content to your wedding film and allows me to tell a narrative best.

Q8: Does the final video use dialogue from the wedding day or is it more of a music video?

It is told as a short film narrative with speeches, vows, and other beautiful words woven into the film.

Q10: Will you go to a location (a park) without additional charge?


Q12: How long will it take them to edit the wedding video?

Up to 12 weeks.

Q14: Do you have backup equipment in case of gear failure?


Q16: How much is the deposit and when is the remaining balance due?

$500 – remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding. (As of 2017)

Q18: Can additional add ons be added after the wedding. (For examples, if I found I really wanted the first dances edited or speeches edited, could I add it after I see the footage?)

Yes, you could but if you think you might want them edited and aren’t sure I would hire a 2nd shooter for the whole day so I have all the video captured from two angles for the speeches and for the Dances. This way if you decide after the wedding you’d like to purchase the footage fully edited I can give you the best edit possible rather than just 1 camera. If you wanted the footage as an add-on it would also be easiest if you let me know within a week or two after the wedding so I can deliver it with the final product rather than two separate deliveries (extra DVD’s, ect.) I could still make the edit no issue; it would be simpler if you decided sooner than later though.