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Additional Ala-Carte Items


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All Footage on an external harddrive: $300


 All footage from the day on an external hard drive. 





Additional hours: $100/hour/videographer 


An extra hour before or after the package coverage has ended. Can be purchased on the date of the wedding.





Full version of the Dances: $250


Audio from Dances played (unable to license most mainstream music but can play incidental audio captured in background)





Full version of the ceremony: $750


Multi-Camera editing of your ceremony with High Definition audio from the Groom and the Officiant for the most in depth coverage. Shot with 2 Cameras and edited in real time to be able to watch your Ceremony for years to come. **Note** This is a real time recording of the ceremony that is for a 20-40 minute ceremony. If the ceremony is longer than 40 minutes the price is $950





Vows and Ring Exchange: $250


A documentary edit of the full vows and ring exchanges editing with high definition audio and video.





Rehearsal Dinner Coverage: $650


The events at the rehearsal dinner filmed + speeches given + toasts and any words from friends. This can be edited into the final film or just given as an unedited product on your hard drive to be delivered with the final film.





Speeches Full Edit: $300


All the speeches shot with multiple camera angles with High Definition audio to give the best possible clarity. Have these memories for years to come to share with friends and family.





The Love Story: $750


An interview with the bride and groom. Your love story, set to music and can be shot in a meaningful location to you both. Overlaid by beautiful cinematic shots of the couple. Film is 5-7 minutes and includes 2 hours of shooting on a date and location set by the couple. Travel fees may apply if the location is more than 30 miles outside of our offices.





Wedding Film Trailer/Instagram Teaser: $250


A glimpse of what can be expected in your wedding video, audio, music, and some of the shots captured on the day.





Additional videographer: $450/day


An additional videographer to capture your vows and friends toasts from multiple angles. The end product looks amazing and adds incredible value to your film.





All Footage Documentary Edited: $1200


All footage from the day edited into documentary style (no music, real time).